Next Evolution Water Solutions is a member of the Unity Small Business Consortium. Click on the company logo to go to that company’s web site to view their mission statements, services, current projects and contact information. The six companies in the consortium include:

  1.      1. Next Evolution Water Solutions, LLC.  waterDropSmall
  2.      2. UnityTec, LLC unitytec
  3.      3. Global Veritas Logistics, Inc.GVL
  4.     4. DGC International Inc. ogc
  5.     5. Panthera Training

The purpose of the consortium is to pull and utilize the resources from each company in order to take advantage of past performance, operating locations of current contracts, or expertise in a particular part of the world, and the strength of the skill sets of each companies team members to qualify for contracts that as individual companies we would not be able to compete.

Business Segments